Oak Hill Garden Center

Oak Hill Garden Center

Oak Hill Garden Center logoOak Hill Garden Center is a wonderful addition to the Somerset community. Our garden center offers annuals, perennials, house plants, succulents, ferns and herbs. With three greenhouses, vegetable garden, pumpkin patch and poinsettias, Oak Hill offers something for everyone throughout the year.

The garden center provides a service to the community and vocational opportunity for individuals with IDD who live at Oakwood and in the Somerset Community.

Monday - Friday · 9:00 a.m. - 4:00 p.m.
Saturday · Seasonal
Sunday · Closed

Located on Oak Hill Road. Take Light 11 on US Highway 27 · 606.677.4195

Barb’s Gardening Tips

Hello Gardeners,  

We are starting to notice the first signs of Spring here in Kentucky – it’s in the air, so to speak!  And nothing says Spring like germinating seedlings for your yard and garden.  Gardeners lust after a yard full of fun and exotic flowers and vegetables; and by growing your own seedlings, you can expand your garden’s variety, and fill it with plants that many local greenhouses have never even heard about.  And all for a fraction of the cost!  There are several benefits to starting your own plant material.   Mainly, a  gardener can choose from an endless variety of seeds to germinate; each one offering unique flavors, colors, and growth.  I belong to a horticultural organization and their catalog lists over four thousand cultivars of tomatoes alone! Talk about variety!  Also, most gardeners feel a sense of satisfaction and empowerment when they rely of themselves to produce their own seedlings.  I believe many people are agrarians or “farmers” at heart, and gardening is one of the oldest, most basic human skills.  Plus, seed starting comes at a time of the year when not much is happening outdoors, so it’s fun to have a chance to do something constructive about “Spring Fever” -  a malady most of us gardeners suffer from.  A chance to get our hands in some dirt!   

Happy Gardening, 


Barb Hettmansperger is the Greenhouse Manager at Oakwood. This program provides individuals with IDD meaningful activity and engages the community.